Complaints Policy and Procedure

It is accepted that many complaints arise through a breakdown in communication, poor communication and inappropriate or unrealistic expectations.

Complaints Procedure

BHOP will promptly deal with concerns or queries as they arise in order to try and prevent a concern developing into a complaint.

Notes will be taken as required and kept with the patients records

A record will be made in the “Concerns Log” specifying date, complainant’s name, practitioner’s name, nature of concern, action taken and outcome.

If this action does not satisfy the complainant, then they will be asked to put the complaint in writing in order to determine the exact nature of the complaint.

At this point, our insurers will be informed that a formal complaint has been made and a record of the complaint will be noted in the “Complaints Log” specifying date, complainant’s name and nature of complaint.

Solutions to resolve the matter internally will be sought in the first instance.

If the complainant in unsatisfied with the internal management of their case they will be advised of their option to pursue their complaint formally with the General Osteopathic Council.  GosC policy will be followed hereafter and further advice from our legal representatives will be taken. Written communications will be kept with the patient’s records. If the complainant is not a patient, any written communication will be filed separately and kept with the Complaints Log.

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