Child Protection Policy

Children under the age of 16 who are attending for treatment MUST be accompanied by a parent. Written consent from the parent will be required if another named adult is to accompany the child.

BHOP recognises the modesty of patients of all ages and will seek consent from the parent and the child before requiring the patient to undress to the clinically indicated level. The practitioners are aware that patients of all ages require explanation of examination and treatment procedures as patients can feel quite vulnerable during this process. Age appropriate explanations will be given to the child and further more detailed explanation will be given to the parent. The child will be given the opportunity to ask questions and be as fully involved in their management as possible. Consent from the parent and the child will be sought before treatment commences.

BHOP recognises it has a duty of care to the parents of patients up to the age of 18 and is aware of the sensitivities that this may raise in extreme circumstances.

Children brought to BHOP while the parent is attending for treatment are the responsibility of the parent. If the parent is unable to manage the child’s behaviour during the course of their treatment then the treatment may be terminated.

Parents leaving their children in their car while attending for treatment at BHOP do so at their own risk.

If a disclosure is made in the course of an appointment at BHOP in relation to a serious child protection issue then professional advice will be taken and the appropriate authorities may be informed.

Practitioners and staff will undergo CRB checks.

Practitioners will identify themselves clearly to patients and their families.

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